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LOTUS Greater China Race - Legend Maker

In celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Macau Grand Prix, and, LOTUS’s long-term involvement with the event, including five consecutive championship years in the sixties, Richburg LOTUS is proud to have been invited to stage the ‘LOTUS Greater China Race’ that will pit drivers from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Chinese Taipei against their Asian counterparts.

Prior to the main event, LOTUS Hong Kong will stage a series of practice sessions and qualification races at the Guangdong International Circuit (GIC) at Da Wang, Sihui, in Zhaoqing city, approximate 45 minutes by car from Guangzhou.  Two weekends have been scheduled for June 21-23 and September 20-22.

The LOTUS Greater China Race will take place during the second weekend of the Macau Grand Prix Carnival with two successive days of practice and qualification.  The race itself is scheduled for Saturday, 16 November with a ‘rolling start’ to add to the spectacle of a legend in the making.

One-Make LOTUS Elise Race

Colin Chapman built the first legendary LOTUS in 1948 and over the years he went on to build both racing and road cars which became icons of innovative automotive engineering. His oft-stated visionary philosophy was to simplify and add lightness and the LOTUS Elise Club Racer exemplifies this dictum. It was and is the best and most affordable road car on the open market for enjoying motorsport competition!

LOTUS Hong Kong will provide a special, limited edition LOTUS Elise 1.6 Macau Club Racer, exclusive for the Diamond Jubilee of the Macau Grand Prix.  Sixty units will be manufactured, forty of which will be reserved for racing and modified to conform to FIA specifications.

LOTUS Elise Macau Club Racers with 1.6 litre petrol engines will be offered to participants for lease or purchase; with at least twenty (20) in the latter category.

All race vehicles will be fitted with standard (FIA-approved) safety equipment, including single-seat configuration with six-point safety harness, roll cage, fire extinguisher, and, fuel cell. Slick tyres will be provided by a single manufacturer for all practice sessions, qualification races and the Greater China Race itself, and, these may not be changed for alternative brands.

The one-make emphasis on the race precludes any modifications to the chassis as all participants should be essentially driving the same vehicle.  Data logging systems will be fitted to monitor driver and vehicle performance.

Tactics and Training

Richburg LOTUS Hong Kong will provide training for competition and guidance on racing in Macau for novices and those unfamiliar with the Guia Circuit. A special project code-named, Zero to Hero, is aimed at enhancing the physical and mental competencies of all entrants to ensure and reinforce safety standards, based upon the F1 Team LOTUS training programme.


Podium ceremony and award presentation will take place as arranged and directed by the Macau Grand Prix Committee, this includes a commitment to the Gala Dinner on Sunday, 17 November.


Similar to the Olympic creed, racing is about participation and the passion for motorsport competition.  The one-make principle behind the LOTUS Greater China Race provides a level playing field for drivers to compete on an equitable basis.

All cars will be set-up and tuned to the exact same standard that best suits racing conditions on the Guia Circuit on the day and all modifications will be exclusively undertaken by LOTUS Hong Kong.

Driver Entry Qualifications

  • Drivers born in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan and nationals from other ASEAN countries may participate.
  • Participation in the LOTUS Greater China Race at the Macau Grand Prix is subject to invitation and qualification.
  • Any driver whose best qualifying lap exceeds of 130% of the average time of the best three drivers will not be allowed to take part in the final race in Macau.
  • Competitors must hold current and valid FIA International license issued by the respective FIA – National Sporting Authority (ASN) accompanied by a letter or visa of approval (Starting Permit) from the same to participate in the event.
  • A driver must also be in possession of a current medical certificate of fitness, either included on the competition license or on an attached document.
  • Obligatory use of a standard LOTUS Elise Macau Club Racer 1.6, subject to exclusive lease or purchase packages below.
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions are invited to attend the gala dinner on 17 November.

Michael Ho

Greater China Race Suit

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